Ibero Montana Beige, Kielder White AshWe have recently refaced Mr & Mrs Macdonald from Airdrie’s kitchen. They kept their own worktops and only changed their kitchen’s doors, panels and tiles.

Mr & Mrs Macdonald have chosen Kielder White Ash doors. Matt white ash is the perfect colour if you want to keep your kitchen light, classic and natural.  Woodgrain texture gives the door a fresh and organic finish, while white colour lets your kitchen stay elegant and bright. If you have a small to medium sized kitchen, light colour palette could be a perfect match for you, making your kitchen look more spacious.

In contrast to classic kitchen doors, Mr & Mrs MacDonald chose bold and sophisticated Ibero Montana tiles. While natural beige and brown colour palette keeps the tiles warm and organic, a careful and delicate golden dust sparkles gives them a touch of class and sophistication.

As you can see, with Reface Scotland you can easily make your kitchen look natural and elegant just by changing your existing doors and tiles! Why not give it a try?

Ibero Montana Beige, Kielder White Ash