About Reface Scotland.
We are the original kitchen Refacing company. Accept no immitations, if you don’t see the Reface face, then it’s NOT Reface.

Reface Scotland has 25 years of skills and experience in bedroom and kitchen transformations.

Initially the company specialised in making quality custom-made kitchen cabinets. When fitting the kitchens we noticed that we were constantly forced to throw away prefectly servicable units, most of them high quality items with many years of life left in them. This is when the idea to focus on becoming a Refacing company was born.

Reface Scotland has grown to become the market leader in kitchen refacing. We still manufacture ourselves in our own manufacturing facility. This allows us to keep a close eye on quality as well as offer unrivalled flexibility. Our carcasses are hand made and are engineered to the highest quality with a thickness of 18mm rather than the common 15mm.

The refacing service was uncommon until the successful ITV home improvement programme “60 Minute Makeover” featured our company. It was this opportunity and television Designer Presenter, John Amabile’s recommendation that made refacing a trend for kitchen improvement. The ‘Reface Scotland’ name became recognisable with kitchen makeovers and is now looking to expand.

Accept no imitations.

As Refacing has become more popular we have been made aware that other companies are claiming to either be Reface Scotland or that they are part of the same group. These claims are FALSE! There is only one Reface Scotland and we have traded continuously for 25 years and we have a huge amount of satisfied customers who are happy to recommend us to their friends and family (it’s how we get most of our business). If you don’t see the distinctive Reface ‘face’ then you can be sure that your NOT dealing with Reface Scotland

Our Values
Reface Scotland is a growing name, proud to provide style and quality for a kitchen facelift. Now that we are all becoming more eco-conscious we are evaluating the scraps produced at the manufacturing plant and are collecting the sinks we have replaced for either recycle or re-use.

“Re-use, re-style, Reface Scotland”
Refacing itself is more eco-friendly than fully fitting a kitchen – only changing the worn parts of your kitchen rather than taking out all the units, which also gives more people the chance to get a kitchen update! It is a minimum change for maximum impact option.

We have now added Fitted Bedrooms, Home Offices and Sliding Robes to our mix of products. Everything is finished to the same exacting standards as our kitchens and only top of the range materials are used. You can be sure that any product you get from Reface Scotland will stand up to a lifetime of hard use.

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