Product Support and Aftercare

Maintenance advice, aftercare guidance and product support with Reface Scotland.

Product Support and Aftercare. Useful guides with tips on the care and maintenance of our cabinets, doors, worktops and appliances.

Product Support and Aftercare cabinets

Cabinet Care and Maintenance

We suggest that you clean your cabinet and drawer interiors with a mild detergent. You should avoid any harsh abrasive cleaners. Stubborn blemishes can be cleaned with mild grit cleaner (Like ‘CIF’ for example). Please ensure that you do not ‘flood the edges’ with excess water.

There is no need to oil your runners; however they may need minor adjustments from time to time.

Clean using a cloth and household cleaner, or you can bleach and wipe dry with a cloth.

Aviod overfilling the bin! Overloading it can cause damage to the mechanisms.  Never exceed maximum storage weights, this can cause damage to the lid when opening and closing the bin.

Never exceed maximum storage weights. Overloading your shelves and/or baskets will cause damage to the mechanisms and unit.

To keep your units clean and dust free you should wipe them lightly with a damp cloth.

Product Support and Aftercare doors

Door Care and Maintenance

We suggest that you clean the doors with a mild detergent. You should avoid any harsh abrasive cleaners as these can damage your doors.

You should clean the doors with a soft damp cloth and mild detergent. Never use any harsh or abrasive cleaners as this may damage the gloss surface on the door. Normal cleaning and polishing may leave minor streaks on the surface of the door, which is quite natural.

Avoid placing any heat and steam producing appliances (such as toasters, deep fat fryers, kettles, bread makers etc) directly below your doors as this can cause damage. The correct care will help ensure that your new doors have a long and happy life.

Doors fitted adjacent to any heat source should be protected with heat protector strips which are available for purchase, this is only necessary if your heat source has a faulty seal.

You should avoid storing or installing any type of door into a newly plastered kitchen, or any room with a high humidity as this can damage the door.

We are proud to use Hettich Sensys and Häfele Metalla soft close hinges on all our kitchen doors and units.

Product Support and Aftercare worktops

Worktop Care and Maintenance

Follow our easy steps to keep your worktops in the best possible condition.

Your new work surface is very easy to maintain. For everyday cleaning simply wipe over with over with your favourite detergent diluted with water. Persistent marks can be removed using a non-abrasive cream cleaner and a gentle circular rubbing action to the affected area. Gloss work surfaces require a little more care. After cleaning with detergent and water as described above, buff over the surface with a clean, dry soft cloth to maintain its glossy looks. Please never ever use scouring powders or abrasive pads on any work surface as they can damage the surface.

Do not place hot pans or dishes directly onto the worktop.

Please take care to protect your work surface from direct contact with heat. You should never place cooking utensils directly from the oven or hob onto the work surface. Always use protective mats, a pan stand, or trivet, for this purpose.

Also please avoid placing microwaves, toasters, electric kettles and deep fat fryers over worksurface joints; certain models can generate excessive heat which may degrade your joint allowing moisture to penetrate.

Metallic decors:

Metallic finishes provide a gorgeous fashion finish, but should be treated with extra care. Due to the reflective nature of the metallic particles, application of heat may result in some movement of the protective overlay. Always use a mat or trivet to protect the surface if your utensil is too hot to handle. Occasionally it may be possible to feel some metallic particles through the clear overlay on the post formed edge. This is normal and will not affect the product in use.


Never cut directly onto any worksurface: a chopping board should always be used to protect the surface from cut marks. Your worksurface is remarkably resistant to the everyday sliding of crockery and utensils across the worksurface. Gloss and smoother textures require extra care and attention as do very dark decors. Being a highly reflective finish, gloss will tend to show scuffs and scratches more readily than more heavily textured finishes. We cannot accept responsibility for the performance of the gloss laminate finish with respect to marks and scuffs.


Your worksurface is resistant to most common household chemicals or foodstuffs, including alcohol and cosmetics. Some items may cause staining. For good practice, we advise that any spillage is wiped off straight away.

Your worksurfaces are sealed to protect against water penetration but we advise that you immediately wipe up any water spillages, especially around the front edge and any joints. Ensure no excess water is left around areas where there are cuts, joint or holes. Do not leave damp cloths, sponges, or any other wet items on the top front edge of the worktop, as this area is more susceptible to water ingress.

Dishwashers, washing machines, tumble-driers and ovens, every worksurface are supplied factory sealed along the front edge and underside. However, please follow a couple of simple rules to prevent excess moisture causing potential damage to the worksurface and adjacent units. First, make sure any appliance door seals are intact to prevent steam escaping in use. Secondly, don’t open your dishwasher until it has cooled down. This prevents steam escaping and condensing on the adjacent units and worksurface.

We have found that PVC aprons can cause premature wear to the leading edge of the worksurface. This becomes obvious over a period of time as a shiny area and is most obvious in areas of high use in front of the sink and hob.

Product Support and Aftercare from our appliance suppliers

Product Support and Aftercare from our Appliance Providers

You can find useful details on how to connect with appliance providers directly. Please note that all new appliances are covered by the manufacturers guarantee and not by Reface Scotland.

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