Kitchen Refacing: Paisley

Reface would like to show you another example how you can transform your kitchen simply by changing doors and worktops. We have recently refaced a kitchen in Paisley. The customer chose Premier Rift Oak doors and Warm Splatter worktop, creating a modern and contemporary look.

Premier style door is perfect if you want a modern design but do not fancy gloss finishes. If you not a biggest fan of oak finishes, premier is available in plenty different colours, and if you want a gloss equivalent we suggest choosing Kinetic doors.

As for a worktop, warm splatter with some speckle through it is perfect for adding some freshness and light to your kitchen. Available in crystal finish, this worktop makes your kitchen look more spacious and bright.

If you interested in refacing your kitchen visit one of our showrooms, gives us a call on 0141 613 3575 or book an appointment online! We would be more than happy to contribute to your kitchen transformation!

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Warm Splatter

Premier Rift Oak