Kitchen Refacing: Ayr, Ayrshire

New Doors and Worktops:

Reface Scotland recently renewed one really large kitchen in Ayr, Ayrshire. Customers reduced the total cost of the project, because they kept existing cabinets and tiles. If you are wondering whether or not we can supply non-standard door, the answer is yes. We manufacture replacement doors, drawer boxes and panels in our own factory in Rutherglen, Glasgow. Therefore all the sizes are customized and made to customer’s specification.

Premiere Grey Bardolino:

Premiere Grey Bardolino doors were chosen for this kitchen upgrade in Ayr.  Grey Bardolino finish is ideal for those who are looking for something modern but close to the nature. Natural wood grains give warmth to any kitchen too.

Snowstone Cream:

As for the worktop, Snowstone Cream was chosen for this Ayr project. Slightly sparkly and light worktop gives glamorous touch and increases kitchen’s space too. You can see in the  pictures below, what materials were chosen by our Ayr customers.

Snowstone Cream
Snowstone Cream

Before and After Pictures:

Check the gallery below and see for yourself how easy is to transform your kitchen for a fraction of a cost of a new one.

Other Benefits of Refacing:

As mentioned above, refacing is way cheaper than getting a brand new kitchen. Normally customers spend 2-3 less when replacing doors and worktops only. You will also save your time and experience a smooth no hassle service from Reface team. In addition, you will be doing a favour to our environment, because you will be keeping your carcasses and appliances that are still in a good condition.

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