Why Replace when you can Reface!

Reface Scotland can help you to completely transform your kitchen without spending too much money. We usually find that people are not aware that their kitchen carcasses are in completely perfect condition, and it’s usually unnecessary to replace them.

Have a look at the example on your right – that’s one of many recently Refaced kitchens. If you are happy with the layout of the existing kitchen but would love something new for this spring, follow this client’s example, and completely transform your favourite room just by changing door fronts, worktops and couple appliances!

Other Benefits of Refacing:

As mentioned above, refacing is way cheaper than getting a brand new kitchen. Normally customers spend 2-3 less when replacing doors and worktops only. You will also save your time and experience a smooth no hassle service from Reface team. In addition, you will be doing a favour to our environment, because you will be keeping your carcasses and appliances that are still in a good condition.

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