Reface Advantages. Here are some excellent reasons why many people are better off Refacing instead of replacing when it comes to upgrading you kitchen.
We can of course completely replace your kitchen with a first class custom kitchen too….

Any kitchen fitter will tell you that when they are replacing a kitchen most of the carcases they rip out are perfectly usable and have years of life left in them. The customer simply wanted a new kitchen and as kitchens from the major retailers come with new carcases, the old ones have to go.

 At Reface Scotland we think this is a waste. Why throw away perfectly good units? It’s usually completely unnecessary.

We simply replace the door and drawer fronts for a stunning new look. Add in some new worktops if you want and the kitchen is completely transformed for a fraction of the cost and hassle of getting a complete new kitchen!

If you want to add some new units, no problem! Our complete units are fantastic and can be tailored to fit your space exactly.
You can completely change the layout of your kitchen too if you want.

Main Reface advantages:

You only replace what you need to. On average, refacing your kitchen will cost about a third of what you would spend at any of the major kitchen chains.

See for yourself, our quality is outstanding. We manufacture ourselves to an extremely high specification.
Our style range is stunning, you won’t believe what you get for your money!

We can have everything completely finished in around 2 weeks from placing your order. Try getting a turnaround time like that from any high street kitchen store!

Our expert fitters can transform your kitchen in a matter of hours instead of the days of hassle you’ll have with a traditional kitchen refit.

As we manufacture ourselves we can make a unit to fit any space, regardless of how unusual or awkward it is. You won’t see a standard sized doors or carcasses cut on-site to squeeze into an awkward space. Everything that leaves our factory is finished to the highest standard to fit exactly into the space you have.

We really care about our customers and bend over backwards to make sure they are always kept happy. Most of our business comes from word of mouth recommendations, so we know what we have to do to impress. We’re friendly, easy to deal with and we listen to what our customers say. We won’t mess you around.

We make sure that the waste from your kitchen will be disposed legally and ethically. Typically over 90% of waste is recycled helping to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.

We always make certain that our corporate social and environmental responsibilities are met.